Cryptocurrencies continue to rise, both in adoption and in price. The whole Industry has had its own internal Revolutions and popularized new Industries within 1 Year and a Bull-run cycle. These new Industries were there before, just nobody knew about them, just like few know about Cryptocurrency in traditional Finance. But everybody is starting to notice the potential of what Cryptocurrency can bring and what it is capable of. Critics have less and less reasons and arguments to discredit it and slowly the Technology Adoption Life Cycles are moving forward towards the inevitable. The question before was never IF, it…

There is a reason why the Cryptocurrency and DeFi Revolution is gaining so much power at such a fast pace. There is a reason why Cryptocurrency coins ( Cryptocurrency Platform’s native coins, ex : Ethereum ) and Cryptocurrency tokens ( Decentralized Apps that run on Platforms and have their own token, ex : any ERC-20 token that run on the Ethereum Platform ) are so volatile in nature, which is something that helps them grow at such incredible speeds. By “Grow” I mean of course mainly the price of the Cryptocurrency ( I will call both coins and tokens under…

The Cryptocurrency Revolution contains everything that has to do with money and value. It aims to redesign the whole concept of how we create and interact with value. Instead of relying and trusting someone with anything that has value to you ( from its creation to interaction ), Cryptocurrency allows you to trust something, that something is called Math. Before diving into the DeFi ( Decentralized Finance ) world, let me cover the basic concepts so you can understand how massive it really is.


Code ( here referring to computer code that is produced by a computer language ) is…

Now that you have decided if you want to be a part of the Revolution and you understand the things to avoid in this Industry you need to know how to decide on what you will want to Invest. There are two main ways you can approach this, by being a Passive Investor or by being an Aggressive one :

  • Passive Investor : You want to Invest and be a part of the Revolution without trying to learn about how things work, without doing Research everyday to find new Ideas to invest into and without reading too many news and…

When trying to be a part of a Revolution, you use Information gathering and it’s Analysis ( Research ), in order to understand it better and also find opportunities to participate in it. Whether your Research consists of reading or listening, it always comes down to answering the following questions :

  • Who gave you the Information / Where are you getting it from
  • How is Information presented
  • What is the goal / intention of whoever gave you the Information
  • How credible and verifiable the Information is

In Part 1, Introduction I have shown you my Argument as to why there…

When investing into something that is revolutionizing an entire Industry you must understand how the current System, within that Industry, works and why something or somebody can make it better. From solving important problems to completely redesigning the System, there is always room for improvement. There are a lot of factors and information that you need to gather in order to judge whether this Revolution will be a success. I have gathered topics that can help you to understand the possible success, the scope and the power of a Revolution.

After knowing if something will revolutionize an Industry, there are…


I study and read about : Cryptocurrency, DeFi, Blockchain and Human Psychology as a Hobby. Degree as a Computer Science Expert. Master in 4 Human Languages.

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